Hon. Philip Ejiogu – The Man with a Steady Character

the man with a steady character

It has been a very turbulent week for the Legislators in IMHA.

The quest for juicy positions and better opportunities have led most of them to move on.

Our Dear Honourable Member, Comd. Philip Ejiogu refused all entreaties. He has sacrificed Millions of Naira and choice piece of land with C of O. Painfully, he’s about to loose his position as the Education Committee Chairman all because he chose to stand with PDP and for the sake of integrity.

I call on the people of Owerri North to salute the courage of this young man, our own Legislator, Hon. Philip Ejiogu.

May God continue to be with him as he has sworn to be with PDP. Your Courage will be rewarded by God and Man – MR INTEGRITY.

Keep up the faith my Honourable.

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